A symbol of trust. Hand-made by Holly.
COVID-19 UPDATE: All necklaces are now available! 
SILVER NECKLACES: All components are sterling silver. Sterling silver is allergy safe for most people. As with all silver, it may tarnish over time, but with a quick polish you are good to go!
GOLD NECKLACES: All components are 14/20kt gold-filled, meaning the necklaces should not tarnish and be safe for those with metal allergies. *Gold is the orginal YES necklace - Holly's favorite!
Looking for a way to reach out to a someone going through an especially difficult season? Gift them a necklace hand-made made with them in mind.
Each single (1) order quantity includes two necklaces. For example, when ordering:
Quantity of (1) = two necklaces
Quantity of (2) = four necklaces
Quantity of (3) = six necklaces...etc.
Additional info: Chain is 18 inches long with the option to purchase additional 2 inch chain extenders. We recommend chain extenders if the necklace will be worn by someone who either prefers longer necklaces or typically has a wider neck.
If you are interested in purchasing one of our polishing cloths, you can do that here: www.theyesnecklace.com/shop. All components are made in the USA.

The Yes Necklace (Buy One, Get One Free)

  • If item received is defective please email brief description of issue along with name, address and phone number that order was placed under to hello@theyesnecklace.com

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