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  • What is the necklace made out of?
    For the Gold Necklaces, all components of the necklace are 14/20k gold-filled. They should not tarnish and are safe for those with metal allergies. For the Silver Necklaces, all components are sterling silver. They may tarnish over time, but with a quick polish you are good to go (polishing cloths are available for purchase in our shop for $2)!
  • Do you make silver necklaces?
    Yes we do! After clicking on the YES necklace in our shop, you should be able to select the drop-down menu where you can change the "Type" to select Gold necklaces, Silver Necklaces, or one of each.
  • How long is the necklace chain?
    The necklace chain is 18 inches long, but we also sell a 2" necklace chain extender to provide a little extra length (should you need it)! Check it out in our shop here:
  • My necklace broke. Is there anything I can do?
    I'm so sorry to hear you have had trouble with the necklace! We value providing quality in our materials which is why we chose to make all the components out of gold-filled instead of gold-plated. That being said, we understand that the necklace chain is delicate in nature and sometimes jump rings don't stay together. Please email us with photos of your necklace "as is" and we would be happy to help accommodate fixing it. There may be a small fee for replacement parts depending on the situation, but we can discuss those details upon further conversation. Our email is
  • Do you provide a discount for bulk orders?
    Yes we do! 20% off. The minimum order quantity is 6 (12 necklaces total) to receive the discount. All you have to do is add the items to your cart and then use the promo code "Bulk20%" in your cart before checkout.
  • Can I buy one necklace?
    The intention of The Yes Necklace is that it is used as a means to reach out to widows and those who could use the encouragment. Because of this, a single necklace order would be the same price as a double order. However, feel free to send us an email to hello@theyesnecklace for questions on unique or large quantity orders.
  • Can I make a donation?
    Absolutely! Send an email to so we can discuss more about where your support would be used to help make a difference.
  • Is The Yes Necklace a Non-Profit?
    At this time, The Yes Necklace is a sub-ministry of Holly Starr Music, which is not a non-profit. Holly's heart was not to create a new ministry but rather to create a tool which helped people reach out to do their own ministry. If The Yes Necklace would continue to grow in ways that would warrant it becoming a non-profit, then we would look at changing it at that time. You can rest assured that your donations and proceeds will be used soley for ministry opportunities within Holly Starr Music, whether it be through her music ministry or through The Yes Necklace.
  • Do you have any products for widowers?
    We understand that women are not the only ones who suffer at the loss of their spouse. Sometimes a man loses his wife and it can be just as devastating. That being said, at this time we do not have a more masculine version of the YES necklace, but hope to provide something like that in the future. Widowers have purchased necklaces to keep as a reminder of their wife - they have mentioned hanging it on a wall in their home. What a sweet idea!
  • How long does shipping take?
    We ship via USPS First Class Mail, so delivery is expected in 3-5 business days from ship date. You will received a shipping confirmation email when your package has been shipped. If you are ordering from within the USA, you can follow the tracking number provided. Orders outside of the states do not guarantee tracking information.

Don't see the answer to your question here? Email us!

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